50th Anniversary of Independence Day

On the occasion of 50 years of Independence by the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, a flourishing country on the West-Central coast of Africa, the Embassy of Equatorial Guinea in New Delhi hosted the reception in Leela Palace on 2nd of November. The reception, was also the 1st official event organized by the Ambassador H.E. Manuel Mbela Bama Ndong, since the establishment of the Mission in 2016, being 160th Diplomatic Mission in India.

As expressed by the Ambassador during the speech “Relations between Equatorial Guinea and India become strengthened day by day. Cooperation in multiple sectors from telecommunications to agriculture is based on a mutual success and guided by the principles of long-term partnership, and support. The Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea using resources from hydrocarbons highly invested in robust infrastructure and human resources to expand agriculture, fishing, air transport, education, telecommunications, tourism industries in Equatorial Guinea, welcoming foreign investors.”

The reception was attended by many senior diplomats from African, Latin, Asian and European continent, business community from multiple industries, textile, petrochemical, agriculture, presidents and chairmen of various government boards as well as by representatives of cultural centres in New Delhi.

Importance of the reception was marked by the participation of Ms Vijay Thakur Singh, Secretary (East) , Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Chief Guest of the event, who in a welcome address said “On behalf of the Government of India I want to convey the warmest greetings to Equatorial Guinea on the very special occasion for the country and I am proud to say that India has been one of the countries, who is with you