Decree of mourning in district of Cogo on death of Francisco Mabale

The President of the Republic, H. E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, signed the Decree of mourning in the district of Cogo on the death of Francisco Mabale, which we are publishing in full below.

-“DECREEE No. 86/2.020, of 22nd September, ordering partial mourning in the District of Cogo on the death of Mr. FRANCISCO MABALE NSENG.

On the death of Mr. FRANCISCO MABALE NSENG, Senator of the Republic for the District of Cogo during the First and Second Legislatures, who served with full dedication the defence of the rights of the People of Equatorial Guinea in his representation of the aforementioned District.

CONSIDERING that the Republic of Equatorial Guinea is Democratic and Social State which applies the Rule of Law, whose supreme end is the human person.

CONSIDERING that dignity and honour are values which are inherent in our condition as human beings, which must be recognised both in life and in death.

CONSIDERING, furthermore, the work in Representation of the People in the Chamber of Representatives of the People carried out during the Sixth Legislature, with the aim of paying deserved posthumous tribute, and in use of the faculties conferred in Me under Basic State Law and other concordant provisions, at the behest of the Senate table in its communiqué number 530/2020, of 21st September this year.