First Lady receives Spanish Ambassador in Malabo

On 23rd September, the Spanish Ambassador to Equatorial Guinea, Guillermo Antonio López Mac-Lellan, bid farewell to the First Lady of the Nation at the People’s Palace in Malabo, following three and a half years in the post.

During the audience, which lasted 45 minutes, Mangue de Obiang and Mac-Lellan reviewed the social and cultural ties between Spain and Equatorial Guinea.

“It was a relaxed audience, in which I felt the warmth with which I have been treated during my time in Equatorial Guinea”, underlined the diplomat.

Furthermore, Mac-Lellan fervently praised the social and humanitarian work of the Honorary Godmother of the Most Vulnerable layers of Society in our country. Several members of her office accompanied mange de Obiang, including the Adviser to the Presidency of the Republic in the First Lady’s Cabinet, Ernesto Valentín Ndong Mba.