Interview with the Coordinator of the Single Business Window

Francisco Javier Meye Obono stressed that the Single Business Window (VUE) arises as a result of the recommendations of the Final Act of the Second National Economic Conference, held in Bata in 2007: ” The Single Business Window was created by Decree No. 67/2017 , dated September 12, as a functionally and organically dependent service of the Ministry of Commerce and Promotion of Small and Medium Enterprises, for the simplification of operations of creation, modification and registration of companies in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea. The Official Launch of the Single Business Window was held on January 14 of the current year, an act that was chaired by the Minister of Commerce and Promotion of Small and Medium Enterprises “.

He also added that the VUE is a space created to support professionals, freelancers and entrepreneurs in the creation, modification or registration of companies, through the provision of integrated services for processing and business advice. The model follows four fundamental principles: attention in a single space; simplification of administrative procedures; the non-dependence of people; and the introduction of a single payment rate for the establishment of companies.

VÚE is structured organically and functionally of five management units:

Technical Unit: it ensures the reception and verification of the application file, register, assist, inform and advise the administrated, manage the payment of the single rate for the constitution or modification of companies or register the self-employed professionals.
Unit of the Notary: is responsible for the authentication of the acts of the companies.
Unit of Mercantile Registry : it deals with the inscription in the mercantile registry and of the expedition of the corresponding forms to these services.
Fiscal Identification Unit : it is responsible for assigning the Fiscal Identification Number (NIF).
Unit of the General Treasury of the State: it is in charge of the confirmations and payments to the Public Treasury.
The Coordinator of the VUE has also highlighted the contributions of the entity:

Simplify the process of registration of companies in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, grouping all the public administrations holding competencies in the process of registering companies in a single block.
Foster the entrepreneurial culture by promoting the creation of new companies.
Significantly reduce the time required for the creation, establishment, modification and registration of a company.
Offer advisory services to entrepreneurs in business matters, in commercial aspects, economic forecasts, market forecasts, infrastructure, information and communication technologies, etc .; so that they can have the necessary information to minimize the risks of their businesses.
Since the opening of the VUE has achieved the following: ” We have received a total of one hundred and twenty-five visitors, have processed a total of 63 records, completed 16 and ongoing 47, where the SL represent 86% and the Autonomous 14% “.

It should be noted that 100% of the income generated goes in favor of the State Treasury. The costs are based on each administration and its specific personal or corporate characteristics, as established in the current Fees Law (1% notary, 2% NIF, 100,000 F.CFAS and 1,000,000 F.CFAS Mercantile Registry, 3,000 F.CFAS of the Negative Certificate).

Currently the time elapsed to complete a file from the entry is five days; in the case of Autonomous Workers it is one day. Social Capital less than 10 million, a fixed amount of 100,000 F.CFAS is applied; Social Capital Higher than 10 million, a fixed amount of 1,000,000 F.CFAS is applied.

The VUE website is already in operation:

– ” I could not conclude this intervention, without expressing on behalf of the staff of the Single Business Window and of my own a very high homage to HE Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, President of the Republic, for being the guarantor and promoter of this macro project that we have today in our country, and the most excellent ministers of Commerce and Promotion of SMEs. Thank you . ”

Text and photos: Clemente Ela Ondo Onguene (DGPWIGE)
Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office

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