Corisco Island

Corisco is a small, stunningly beautiful island located 29 km southwest of the Rio Muni estuary that defines the border with Gabon. This paradise island, whose name derives from the Portuguese word for lightning, has an area of just 14 km² but it is full of picturesque scenery.

Corisco offers extraordinary white sandy beaches and excellent scuba diving opportunities. Its tropical waters are intensely blue and the climate is warm and pleasant for almost the whole year.

Apart from its natural beauty, Corisco also offers a rich cultural and historic heritage. One of the oldest cemeteries in Central Africa (around 2000 years old) has been discovered in this island some decades ago.

Although its remoteness is part of the island’s charm, it now has a modern international airport that will serve to unite the local population with the rest of Equatorial Guinea and allow tourists to access its rare beauty.