Foreign affairs

Equatorial Guinea has been a full member of the UN since its independence from Spain in 1968. It is also member of most of its agencies, including UNICEF and UNESCO.

Equatorial Guinea has a permanent mission to the UN in New York. Moreover, Equatorial Guinea has contributed generously to some UN agencies. In 2012, the government of Equatorial Guinea sponsored the UNESCO-Equatorial Guinea International Prize for Research in the Life Sciences. The $300,000 prize distinguishes individuals, institutions or organisations for scientific research in the life sciences that improve the quality of human life.

Equatorial Guinea is also member of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and has observer status in the World Trade Organisation (WTO). In Africa, Equatorial Guinea is an active member of the African Union, which hosted the 2011 Africa Summit with great success.

It is also an active member of the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS), which aims to promote regional economic co-operation in Central Africa.


Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Mr. SIMEÓN OYONO ESONO ANGUE.


Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, and Missions, Mr. BONIFACIO MITOGO EDJANG.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the Republic of Guinea Equatorial – which is managed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and led by the President of the Republic – is the body responsible for formulating, planning, coordinating, executing and evaluating the Foreign Policy of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, as well as international relations and the Foreign Service administration.

The Ministry is responsible for proposing foreign policy to the President, administrating the Foreign Service and adopting measures to achieve the goals of Equatorial Guinea’s foreign policy.

In addition the Ministry is also responsible for issuing diplomatic passports and other official documents.