La Caldera de Luba

Also in Bioko island you will find a dramatic national park which includes one of the richest ecosystems in West Africa: La Caldera de Luba.

The Luba Crater Scientific Reserve is a protected area of 51,000 hectares and is the highest point of the southern massif at 2,261 metres. The forests in the reserve have been largely untouched, particularly on the wetter southern slopes of the mountain. At the lower levels, below 700 metres (2,300 feet), the reserve is covered by closed rain forest rich in species of vegetation. The dense rainforest is also rich in animal species including a high population of primates, some endemic to the reserve. Five of the primate species are of global conservation concern: Preuss’s monkey, Red-eared guenon, Black colobus, Western red colobus and Drill. The reserve may be home to the largest surviving population of Drill.