We would like to welcome you to one of the smallest but most beautiful and green countries in Africa: Equatorial Guinea.

Consisting of two parts, an island region consisting of the islands of Bioko and Annobó, and the mainland region of Río Muni, Equatorial Guinea offers stunning and varied landscapes, picturesque beaches and spectacular virgin rainforests.

For those who relish new experiences, Equatorial Guinea offers a true adventure. On Bioko Island you will find volcanic views, rainforests full of endangered primates and shores of nesting sea turtles. The capital city is Malabo, based in the island region of Bioko. It has retained much of its colonial-era architecture, with historical buildings including the former Palace of the Government, cathedral, City Hall and Casa Verde.

On the mainland, Bata is a pleasant and charming colonial town with many attractions such as busy markets and lots of restaurants, bars and hotels.

Also on the mainland, the Monte Alen National Park is a hidden treasure. A protected area covering 1400 sq km (540 sq mi), the park is an excellent place to experience the lush rainforests and wildlife of Rio Muni.

But if you look for beaches you definitely should go to the remote island of Corisco, which offers truly deserted white-sand beaches.


As you can see, Equatorial Guinea offers something for everyone. 

It is also worth noting that the Government of Equatorial Guinea has promoted the development of high standards within the country’s tourism industry, which allow you to enjoy high-quality, luxury resorts such as the Hotel Sofitel Sipopo in Malabo. Similar projects are being built in Mongomo, Annobon and the Corisco Islands, always respecting environmental regulations which protect EG’s natural beauty.