Work begins at GECF Head of States and Government Summit

The meeting for the JODI 5-year action plan towards 2020 and the Ad Hoc Committee were the first two activities overseen by the Minister for Mines and Energy, Gabriel Mbega Obiang Lima. The JODI 5-year action plan, initially published before the IEF15 held in Algeria in 2016, includes the progress and achievements of the JODI partners towards greater transparency for energy data within the framework of the organisation.
Currently, JODI members have implemented numerous actions in line with the strategic aims of the plan, and continue to make significant progress towards achieving its aims, which will be reflected in future updates of the 5-year Action Plan. To do this, members of the organisation have taken a variety of actions in line with the strategic planning aims, in order to continue to make significant progress towards achieving the aims, which will be included in future updates of the plan.
During the meeting, in addition to the welcome speech by JODI member organisations, the JODI Coordinator, Fuad Azyer spoke about the history of the organisation and the importance of transparency for gas data. Antimo Asumu Obama spoke about the benefits of data transparency for the Equatorial Guinea national administration.
Aside from other aims, this organisation wishes to carry out key actions in order to continue to improve the quality of JODI data. Countries, JODI members and the industry will continue with their collaboration efforts in order to ensure complete, precise, timely data reports to JODI-Oil and JODI-Gas.
Members will encourage and facilitate the exchange of experiences and knowledge between the various interested parties in the JODI data supply chain, in order to build more efficient compiling of data and mechanisms to further improve the performance of JODI. However, this organisation is facing challenges such as the changing and demand for historical data in order to reflect products deriving from petroleum transformed from liquid natural gas (LNG).
In that respect, JODI members are calling on participating countries to periodically review their historical data.

Opening of JODI Gas meeting

JODI Gas was the first activity on Tuesday 26th November, in one of the event rooms at the Palace of Conferences in Sipopo, It was overseen by the Minister for Mines and Hydrocarbons, Gabriel Mbega Obiang Lima, within the V Gas Exporting Countries Forum, which was also attended by the GECF General Secretary,
Yuri Sentyurin, and the IEF General Secretary, Sun Xiansheng, among other figures.
The ceremony began with words from Yuri Sentyurin, followed by a speech from Sun Xiansheng and the Minister for Mines, who affirmed that this forum is an opportunity to set out the bases for work to be done in the sector, provide the Heads of State with the materials necessary in order to take decisions, and profile all the elements necessary in order to continue making progress.
He also explained the strategies pursued by the Republic of Equatorial Guinea as a member of OPEC, the GECF and the IEF, and thus an active partner in the initiative of the Joint Organisations Data Initiative (JODI), in order to improve its exchange mechanism for data with international organisations.
Among other things, Mbega Obiang Lima praised the capacity of the personnel within his ministry through the
celebration in Malabo of the workshop on data and statistics given by experts from the OPEC data department.